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Kenneth Perkins is a Conroe chiropractor who serves Conroe and the surrounding communities in TX .

Perkins Chiropractic Health, under the direction of Dr. Ken Perkins, recognizes that there is more to the discomfort felt by their patients than just the physical pain. Dr. Ken’s philosophy of treatment is to examine, evaluate, and plan all with the patients active involvement in the process. While the majority of difficulties treated can not be “fixed” in one or two visits the commitment to wellness on the patients part as well as by Perkins Chiropractic’s staff will go a long way to “Changing Lives for a Life Time”!

The typical skeletal problems (neck pain, back pain, knee problems, shoulder problems, etc.) is not all that Dr. Ken’s skills can help with. Allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, headaches, and other chronic problems may be made better or completely relieved through treatments.

Call today to schedule your exam and evaluation!

Our mission at Perkins Chiropractic is simply stated “changing lives for a lifetime”. But how we do that is what is important.

True health is an equilateral triangle of body, mind, and spirit. If that is true and it is, our goal is to impact each side of that triangle on each visit.